Top Points to consider while building a website

Top Points to consider while building a website

Top Points to consider while building a website

  • Fresh Look of the web page
  • Mobile optimized version
  • Quality mobile optimized content

How optimized is your mobile version of the website

You are already aware that digital screens are going smaller and portable and everyone is going mobile. Latest Google report suggests that 53% of all search engine traffic is from Mobiles in 2020. Obviously the trend is going to be up this year.

Imagine you have a very beautiful website, you made it completely free of errors, it is SEO friendly but unfortunately having mobile compatibility issue, you are going to be penalized from this year. Your current ranking will be in tank because Google will prefer the mobile compatible sites ahead of you.

Don’t you wish that your website gets accessed by your visitors whichever devices are they trying to search? If your client or costumer doesn’t get the best experience of your website, then it really doesn’t make any sense. Does it?

Make your website responsive to mobile and other gadgets. If you can’t do of your own, hire a good developer. Make sure that the website loads perfectly irrespective of what the devices are used by the users. If you don’t have mobile version of your website optimized with the current design, there is no need to redesign the website, you can write the media query algorithm, and there you go, the mobile version of the website will be up and running in minutes.

How fresh is the design?

How important is the design of a website? It is important for your website to adopt according to the user device. With a growing number of businesses from time to time, the number of websites has increased too. So it is the need of the hour to beat your competitors by getting a rich design that one can be envy of.

So first thing, how fresh is your design? Because it increases and enhances the browsing experience. And in turn can reduce the bounce rate to a certain level. There are tons of pre custom-templates and themes available which makes the job easier.

So what points are we looking at while designing a website? Fresh Graphics as per the industry standards and web standards. Highly responsive Theme with Mobile Compatible. High Quality Images, not to forget optimized ones, color combination, platform used to build, navigation, layout, Font size, Having mobile menu, flexible text and images so that when they used in different devices gets fitted accordingly. Avoid using frames and flash, not encouraged anymore and most importantly, the loading time. It doesn’t really make sense to build a website that can’t reach to people fast. Nearly half of web visitors expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less and they will potentially leave a site that isn’t loaded within 3 seconds. Design also does play a substantial role in your site’s ability to rank too.

Quality Content

Wait, you are not done here. Yes you require high quality optimized content. Mobile phone users spend lesser time in websites than desktop users means high bouncing rate. You need to make your traffic engaging.

So how do we do that? Below are some interesting steps.

  • Focus on topic oriented, straight, no issue about the length of the content that can make user busy.
  • Eye catching Subject Line that can grab the attention at once.
  • Don’t limit your content to text, input other forms (i.e.  Videos, gifs, images) as well. Oh Yeah, they do play a good role in user retention. It can hold the client and help them stick to the page if the page is full of informational videos, relevant images and some animated stuff even though the content is not up to the mark.
  • Social media is very important, if user find it worthy to share, your job is half done. The number of times it is shared means your site is gets ample chances to be visited. Get to share on different social platforms, forums, blogging sites, etc. There are tons of sites out there which will help you reach a wider niche.

Master Points

  • Do not wait for the algorithm update to start accordingly, start it now and move a step ahead.
  • If possible hire an expert to optimize with most effective way.
  • Lower the website loading time, keep it below 2 sec for mobile devices.
  • Quality of the images and videos should not be compromised.

Do not hesitate to invest in mobile indexing, voice search etc otherwise you will regret in future.

Have a costumer point of view, look at each and every possible bouncing factors. Before uploading on server check the performance of the website in different devices.

Have a brain storming session for your website with different (unknown) people and input valuable changes if any.

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