How to choose a Web Hosting Provider

How to choose a Web Hosting Provider

What measures the performance of a website? It’s definitely the Hosting which is the first step before moving forward to think for the good looking design of the website. Without a good and reliable Hosting, it’s like “a body without a soul”. What if you have a Hosting and it doesn’t does give you fast and steady performance, it can really spoil your hard work you have put in making the website looking good. Nobody likes a slow website? This is the only reason why Hosting can determine your traffic too. Slow websites can lead to a higher bounce rate making visitors to drop the idea of staying in your website. What if it takes years to load?  We have seen websites having an attractive design but at the same time with a very low page speed. This is because of the sever response time. A website with a low TTFB will definitely be turned down by visitors as it can take years to load. Hosting also serves as the channel to present your website to your consumers and it also helps improve the website’s online presence. So we have to be very good with choosing the right kind of Hosting Plans with good Hosting Providers.

So what are the properties of a good web hosting?

Low down Time: It is crucial because at times it can lead to a risk of losing potential sales if the website has to go through several down times and crashes. What if someone is in the midway of making a payment for a product and suddenly the server goes down, for obvious reasons it can really break the trust of the buyer. This automatically forces to look for other alternative sites. So having website up time is very important. You can’t let your website go off especially if you have a online store. Frequent down times can really hamper the reputation and reliability of your business.

How safe and secure is the server? : With the growing number of online users it has become more difficult today to handle the traffic. And with the traffic comes more vulnerability. Websites are now getting more prone to viral attacks and malware infections. This can really damage your website and can affect your business big time. A slight window opening to sneak into the system files can increase the interest of thousands of hackers sitting out there.  Some makes it for fun, and some for ransom, in both the ways you will be the sole sufferer. With numbers of hacking increasing day by day, it has really become very important to pick a hosting company which is more reliable in terms of security. A website once hacked will be distrusted by Google. With this the SEO Rankings will also begin to fall. This in turn can make you go right from the scratch again. A good hosting always provides a secure and a strong firewall making sure the hackers don’t get hands on your personal, sensitive and private information from your site.

Support Helpline: What if the website or the server runs through some problems? Is there anyone who can help dealing with it? This is the main issue that comes up with poor Web Hosting Companies. No Technical Support can at times land you in severe problems. You can potentially lose all your data, information, stats, in one go. A good support team always makes effort to make sure the website runs smoothly and can address to the issues and help fix them. There are tons of Hosting Providers out there, which one to choose? Go for the company which can ensure the problems with your website getting resolved quickly. Nobody likes to wait. The support (customer focused) which can be available 24×7, can actively listen, understand, able to fix issues right away, can make inroads to any business and can help them able to survive in this competitive market.

Other Features: Few other factors which are really important while choosing a Hosting Partner are the packages which they provide. What does the package includes? What does it cost, Periodic Backups, Storage Capacity, Bandwidth, Email Support, SSL Certificates, Easy to use Control Panel , Fast Servers, Proper Timely Hardware Maintenance, 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection, Free 1 Click install of Applications (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal).

All these factors collectively become a reason to choose a GOOD AND RELIABLE Hosting Company that can meet your needs at an effective pricing model.

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