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Google Updates:Change the way of Search

These Google Updates not only changes the scenario of the rankings but also has a direct impact on the trend and strategies the Webmasters implement in order to get better Search Results in SERP’s. Allowing  the indexing of the pages by Google, avoiding the no index  robot meta tag, using relative URL, unique Link Building are some of the effective tactics to cope with the Algorithmic Changes of Google. SEO has evolved drastically over past few years, thanks to the Google Updates. Pages should be optimized to cater the needs of the mobile users as maximum traffic today comes from the Mobile, Tablets and other portable devices. With Mobile Compatibility getting more and more trending, we can also experience better conversion rate and user experience.

It has been said that Content is the king, and Google with every update has proved it time and again. Good and quality Content has always played a major role in Google Rankings. Google always gives thumbs up to real and genuine content where one has to also remember that we have to work in a more tactical way such that Google’s New Algorithm interprets the way we search.

Technology keeps on changing, so is the trend. So a perfect blueprint always needs to be frame worked in order to compete with the algorithmic programs made by the Search Engines. Doing the same old conventional SEO will not help the cause.  With every algorithm update, Google is getting smarter at tackling all the tricks that some webmasters implement for better ranking. The unethical tactics used by Web masters will no longer work in their favor with the upcoming updates. In fact, they might end up punished for implementing such tricks and fall in the rankings. So it is always advisable to get on with the important changes and updates brought in by Google.


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