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Elements that are still effective in SEO

Video Marketing : Studies say that video marketing is becoming an important arsenal in the toolkit of a modern SEO Marketer. Video SEO is not the same as Organic SEO, although it is really an excellent way of putting up all the information, structure the content and reach out to your target audience. By creating relevant and engaging videos, you can see a dramatic increase in rankings and traffic to your site. So, how can we make a video more appealing and engaging. Putting up an exciting thumbnail, Adding Script with the video (very important for search engines), Make sure you get a perfect title and description, structured data, try to share on powerful platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With the increasing craze of YouTube, videos can get a higher signal from there too. A wider section of people are also getting inclined towards a modern method of video marketing, i.e whiteboard animation. They actually look good and also serves the purpose of presenting the information in a more animated way which most of the people do like. Whiteboard Animation is a complete way of story telling in a small time frame, bringing drawings and texts to life. This can enhance your marketing efforts as well by reaching more an more number of people.

HTTP vs HTTPS : Is your website secure for visitors? Does your website have SSL Certificate? These are of highest priority now. It’s been more than five years that Google started to mark websites Not Secure which are without SSL Certificates. This proves as a warning for the users that the site connection without https  is not secure. Would you go to a site that doesn’t have a label of https? NEVER, In fact nobody does. HTTPS increases the credibility of the website.On the other hand, website insecurity can adversely impact sales too. Almost all e commerce websites have payment gateways to serve through the payment process. So, what if the channel is not secure? It apparently breaks the trust of the user thereby forcing the user go off the site and go to some potential websites with much more secured line. HTTPS websites load much faster than http websites. What about the rankings? Here too HTTPS has an upper hand over HTTP Websites. Clearly HTTPS is the undisputed winner.

AMP : There has been a drastic change in the behavior of searches made in the recent past. Statistics shows that now a days more and more number of people are preferring mobile devices and tablets to make their searches online or anything they want to book online, purchase products or services, rather than bulky systems which are too difficult to carry from one point to another.  Everything has gone mobile, thanks to the internet accessibility. But what if the mobile versions are slow and not user friendly. Here comes a technology by Google that promotes speed and easy to use. Accelerated Mobile Pages known as AMP is a framework to build pages for mobile which is super fast, and mobile friendly. Loading Time serves as one of the most important factor in SERP Ranking. So what is the waiting time of any user for any page to load, five seconds or six seconds, NO, nobody is going to wait for more than fours seconds to load a particular page. Therefore the faster your web page loads, the better the rankings are and better the conversions and engagement are. Slower Loading of the website can lead  to a higher bounce rate. For this reason AMP still can be considered as one of the ranking factor. Plugins are available in WordPress like Accelerated Mobile Pages which is easy to install, just a few clicks and settings and there you go. Try it, you will never regret using it.


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