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Social Media Optimization – A Dynamic Tool to engage for a successful business


When it comes to nurture a website to a wider reach, Social Media comes really handy and quite apparently today it is one of the most effective tool that will help you get that kind of traffic that you always wanted. In other words it’s a perfect key to market your brand. But the real question lies in  ”Is SMO Free ”  or if it is done how can we make the most out of it. And the answer will always be a tricky one. Because when it comes to build a brand or get the marketing at your own terms, generating awareness is a perfect solution to it. This includes the use of social media sites, video sites as well as RSS feed, bookmarking sites and blogging sites for driving traffic to the website and improving the site’s organic search results. One can’t deny the impact of Social Media when it comes to extending the reach of a brand. It can entirely transform a mediocre into a full fledged brand thus ensuring a label to go global, increase brand prominence among marketers and help reach customers worldwide.  It acts a perfect stimulus and provides an arena not only to reach to our niche audience but also customers worldwide. Today over 70% of internet users are mobile and tablet users and that has helped customers get the chance to reach out to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Social connectivity through Face Book has come a long way in helping a business grow from the crèche to the crest helping a website to create an exclusive space in World Wide Web. A business entirely depends upon a strategical approach and word of mouth. And blogging, following on Twitter, posting on Google Plus Page, creating a strong profile, connecting through Linked In, Video Sharing are some of the aggressive techniques implemented by the business owners and marketers now a days.

To get the most out of the Social Media one has to always remember about the content and the audience. Because a genuine, relevant and a shareable content will always help to gain unique visitors and help while launching products and services. Whether it’s a small business or a highly established one, Social Media has the same impact in drawing attention and build a reputation in this result driven world.

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Google Updates – Change the way you Search

blog2These Google Updates not only changes the scenario of the rankings but also has a direct impact on the trend and strategies the Webmasters implement in order to get better Search Results in SERP’s. Allowing  the indexing of the pages by Google, avoiding the no index  robot met tag, using relative URL, unique Link Building are some of the effective tactics to cope with the Algorithmic Changes of Google.SEO has evolved drastically over past few years, thanks to the Google Updates. Pages should be optimized to cater the needs of the mobile users as maximum traffic today comes from the Mobile, Tablets and other portable devices. With Mobile Compatibility getting more and more trending, we can also experience better conversion rate and user experience.

It has been said that Content is the king, and Google with every update has proved it time and again. Good and quality Content has always played a major role in Google Rankings. Google always gives thumbs up to real and genuine content where one has to also remember that we have to work in a more tactical way such that Google’s New Algorithm interprets the way we search.

Technology keeps on changing, so is the trend. So a perfect blueprint always needs to be frame worked in order to compete with the algorithmic programs made by the Search Engines. Doing the same old conventional SEO will not help the cause.  With every algorithm update, Google is getting smarter at tackling all the tricks that some webmasters implement for better ranking. The unethical tactics used by Web masters will no longer work in their favor with the upcoming updates. In fact, they might end up punished for implementing such tricks and fall in the rankings. So it is always advisable to get on with the important changes and updates brought in by Google.

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Email Marketing – A priority in gaining business


It is a perfect tool to communicate with people thereby helping build a stronger customer relationship. Apart from reaching to a wider mass, it also helps to build a brand and help strengthen brand recognition with new and potential clients. Email Marketers can forward brilliant deals and offers to their clients at the click of a button. Due to its immediacy impact, results are often fast as compared to business which typically has to wait for weeks until it sees a sale. Email doesn’t die, it needs to be killed. Email sits there inside your subscriber’s inbox waiting to be acknowledged, even if it’s just to delete it, it requires of an action to end its life.

The beauty of Email Marketing lies in its behavior where most of the emails are promotional. Coupons and Discounts are of common use when it comes to Email Marketing. Perceived differently perhaps due to its privacy or simply because we’ve grown used to receiving promotional items in the mix with other types. It has the ability to send one piece of information to thousands of out there on the web, which is quite apparently not possible in other modes of marketing. At times it being objectionable for some people yet it proves to be one of the herculean tools in generating business from its outset. In fact the Hit Ratio will always be higher as compared to other conventional methods of marketing, which perhaps is the best bet for a business growth. A great deal of proposal gets turned out but what if one clicks out of fifty. Isn’t it an apt way to reach a larger mass to enhance business? And Subscribing through emails in today’s market is one of the proven marketing channel  to ensure that the audience gets your message.