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How to choose a Web Hosting Provider

What measures the performance of a website? It’s definitely the Hosting which is the first step before moving forward to think for the good looking design of the website. Without a good and reliable Hosting, it’s like “a body without a soul”. What if you have a Hosting and it doesn’t does give you fast and steady performance, it can really spoil your hard work you have put in making the website looking good. Nobody likes a slow website? This is the only reason why Hosting can determine your traffic too. Slow websites can lead to a higher bounce rate making visitors to drop the idea of staying in your website. What if it takes years to load?  We have seen websites having an attractive design but at the same time with a very low page speed. This is because of the sever response time. A website with a low TTFB will definitely be turned down by visitors as it can take years to load. Hosting also serves as the channel to present your website to your consumers and it also helps improve the website’s online presence. So we have to be very good with choosing the right kind of Hosting Plans with good Hosting Providers.

So what are the properties of a good web hosting?

Low down Time: It is crucial because at times it can lead to a risk of losing potential sales if the website has to go through several down times and crashes. What if someone is in the midway of making a payment for a product and suddenly the server goes down, for obvious reasons it can really break the trust of the buyer. This automatically forces to look for other alternative sites. So having website up time is very important. You can’t let your website go off especially if you have a online store. Frequent down times can really hamper the reputation and reliability of your business.

How safe and secure is the server? : With the growing number of online users it has become more difficult today to handle the traffic. And with the traffic comes more vulnerability. Websites are now getting more prone to viral attacks and malware infections. This can really damage your website and can affect your business big time. A slight window opening to sneak into the system files can increase the interest of thousands of hackers sitting out there.  Some makes it for fun, and some for ransom, in both the ways you will be the sole sufferer. With numbers of hacking increasing day by day, it has really become very important to pick a hosting company which is more reliable in terms of security. A website once hacked will be distrusted by Google. With this the SEO Rankings will also begin to fall. This in turn can make you go right from the scratch again. A good hosting always provides a secure and a strong firewall making sure the hackers don’t get hands on your personal, sensitive and private information from your site.

Support Helpline: What if the website or the server runs through some problems? Is there anyone who can help dealing with it? This is the main issue that comes up with poor Web Hosting Companies. No Technical Support can at times land you in severe problems. You can potentially lose all your data, information, stats, in one go. A good support team always makes effort to make sure the website runs smoothly and can address to the issues and help fix them. There are tons of Hosting Providers out there, which one to choose? Go for the company which can ensure the problems with your website getting resolved quickly. Nobody likes to wait. The support (customer focused) which can be available 24×7, can actively listen, understand, able to fix issues right away, can make inroads to any business and can help them able to survive in this competitive market.

Other Features: Few other factors which are really important while choosing a Hosting Partner are the packages which they provide. What does the package includes? What does it cost, Periodic Backups, Storage Capacity, Bandwidth, Email Support, SSL Certificates, Easy to use Control Panel , Fast Servers, Proper Timely Hardware Maintenance, 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection, Free 1 Click install of Applications (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal).

All these factors collectively become a reason to choose a GOOD AND RELIABLE Hosting Company that can meet your needs at an effective pricing model.

To know more about our Hosting Plans and Features, please visit this page. https://www.alphosys.com/web-hosting/

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How Infographics is a tool for Marketing

The importance of marketing is growing rapidly so, how to stand out from our competitors. The old traditional methods are outdated which has been replaced by some modern techniques which is definitely working.  Sharing Content on a global scale has become easy, thanks to the internet and ease of accessibility. The sole goal behind any marketing strategy is to get to the right audience that can get the conversion ratio up and moving, who understands  the need and probably buy our products or services. In that scenario, we have to think out of the box and go for anything that can give instant results by reaching to the masses. So how do we do that with all kinds of competition around us. One of the best way to share content can definitely be Infographics.  Most of the marketers are using Infographics to get results these days. It’s all about how we can build up the content in a more visual way that can be appealing and relevant. Reading content can at times can be skipped by users but watching an image with content within can actually help the users to understand the whole agenda within no time as compared to spending time on reading an article or blog. They are so very easily shareable. We know the power of Social Media and Blogging, Right. So Sharing videos, blogs, articles, posts is no longer difficult. Readers are showing interest just because of things being able to be accessed from anytime, anywhere. Infographics undoubted is one of the fastest medium to grab attention if done right as compared to other traditional methods.

What makes a good Infographic?

A Killer Title, Appealing Visuals, Creative Idea, Unique Concept, never heard of before, Trendy Look, Visual Focus, No Text, No Extra stuffing of data which can at times be difficult to digest, Sharing Buttons that can help to link.

It gives a perfect message in an effective and compelling way that can hold reader’s interest. Over the years , it has evolved a lot and is being used as one of the strongest marketing tool in SEO. It can also be used as backlink creation methods. So what has made it more popular, people these days are more interested in the content with visual elements rather than just a piece of textual information. Adding visual elements and pictures to the content can make a boring and heavy topic enjoyable and easy to understand. A high rate of Social Sharing can make the infographic and the content go viral in no time. This is the purpose of building a infographic right!!

“Infographics without graphics is just a piece of information” which barely can draw attention to the readers. Also there are several things that we need to keep in mind while creating a infographic because infographics without a proper planning will not be able to pull up audience. Apart from the graphics used, what is the data we are talking about. What is the Agenda of the discussion. It’s very very important. Get a spectacular topic with a an engaging title that sums up the purpose of the infographic. The information shouldn’t be over burden with a lot of data. It should be limited which can help users to understand fast. Nobody likes to stay at one page for a long time until and unless we have some really incredible presentation. We should never go wrong in any kind of statistics that we are presenting in an infographic. We should be very clear with our move and what we are trying to share. Anything we discuss should have the capability of backing it up. We can’t claim false data which can at times back fire resulting in low trust and fall in visitors. Data and Information should have their own credibility. Lastly, Infographics don’t get popular automatically. We need to promote it.  We can share it in websites and blogs, feature it by embedding codes, share it in different social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, pinterest, and other promotional channels.

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Top Points to consider while building a website

Top Points to consider while building a website

  • Fresh Look of the web page
  • Mobile optimized version
  • Quality mobile optimized content

How optimized is your mobile version of the website

You are already aware that digital screens are going smaller and portable and everyone is going mobile. Latest Google report suggests that 53% of all search engine traffic is from Mobiles in 2020. Obviously the trend is going to be up this year.

Imagine you have a very beautiful website, you made it completely free of errors, it is SEO friendly but unfortunately having mobile compatibility issue, you are going to be penalized from this year. Your current ranking will be in tank because Google will prefer the mobile compatible sites ahead of you.

Don’t you wish that your website gets accessed by your visitors whichever devices are they trying to search? If your client or costumer doesn’t get the best experience of your website, then it really doesn’t make any sense. Does it?

Make your website responsive to mobile and other gadgets. If you can’t do of your own, hire a good developer. Make sure that the website loads perfectly irrespective of what the devices are used by the users. If you don’t have mobile version of your website optimized with the current design, there is no need to redesign the website, you can write the media query algorithm, and there you go, the mobile version of the website will be up and running in minutes.

How fresh is the design?

How important is the design of a website? It is important for your website to adopt according to the user device. With a growing number of businesses from time to time, the number of websites has increased too. So it is the need of the hour to beat your competitors by getting a rich design that one can be envy of.

So first thing, how fresh is your design? Because it increases and enhances the browsing experience. And in turn can reduce the bounce rate to a certain level. There are tons of pre custom-templates and themes available which makes the job easier.

So what points are we looking at while designing a website? Fresh Graphics as per the industry standards and web standards. Highly responsive Theme with Mobile Compatible. High Quality Images, not to forget optimized ones, color combination, platform used to build, navigation, layout, Font size, Having mobile menu, flexible text and images so that when they used in different devices gets fitted accordingly. Avoid using frames and flash, not encouraged anymore and most importantly, the loading time. It doesn’t really make sense to build a website that can’t reach to people fast. Nearly half of web visitors expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less and they will potentially leave a site that isn’t loaded within 3 seconds. Design also does play a substantial role in your site’s ability to rank too.

Quality Content

Wait, you are not done here. Yes you require high quality optimized content. Mobile phone users spend lesser time in websites than desktop users means high bouncing rate. You need to make your traffic engaging.

So how do we do that? Below are some interesting steps.

  • Focus on topic oriented, straight, no issue about the length of the content that can make user busy.
  • Eye catching Subject Line that can grab the attention at once.
  • Don’t limit your content to text, input other forms (i.e.  Videos, gifs, images) as well. Oh Yeah, they do play a good role in user retention. It can hold the client and help them stick to the page if the page is full of informational videos, relevant images and some animated stuff even though the content is not up to the mark.
  • Social media is very important, if user find it worthy to share, your job is half done. The number of times it is shared means your site is gets ample chances to be visited. Get to share on different social platforms, forums, blogging sites, etc. There are tons of sites out there which will help you reach a wider niche.

Master Points

  • Do not wait for the algorithm update to start accordingly, start it now and move a step ahead.
  • If possible hire an expert to optimize with most effective way.
  • Lower the website loading time, keep it below 2 sec for mobile devices.
  • Quality of the images and videos should not be compromised.

Do not hesitate to invest in mobile indexing, voice search etc otherwise you will regret in future.

Have a costumer point of view, look at each and every possible bouncing factors. Before uploading on server check the performance of the website in different devices.

Have a brain storming session for your website with different (unknown) people and input valuable changes if any.

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Elements that are still effective in SEO

Video Marketing : Studies say that video marketing is becoming an important arsenal in the toolkit of a modern SEO Marketer. Video SEO is not the same as Organic SEO, although it is really an excellent way of putting up all the information, structure the content and reach out to your target audience. By creating relevant and engaging videos, you can see a dramatic increase in rankings and traffic to your site. So, how can we make a video more appealing and engaging. Putting up an exciting thumbnail, Adding Script with the video (very important for search engines), Make sure you get a perfect title and description, structured data, try to share on powerful platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With the increasing craze of YouTube, videos can get a higher signal from there too. A wider section of people are also getting inclined towards a modern method of video marketing, i.e whiteboard animation. They actually look good and also serves the purpose of presenting the information in a more animated way which most of the people do like. Whiteboard Animation is a complete way of story telling in a small time frame, bringing drawings and texts to life. This can enhance your marketing efforts as well by reaching more an more number of people.

HTTP vs HTTPS : Is your website secure for visitors? Does your website have SSL Certificate? These are of highest priority now. It’s been more than five years that Google started to mark websites Not Secure which are without SSL Certificates. This proves as a warning for the users that the site connection without https  is not secure. Would you go to a site that doesn’t have a label of https? NEVER, In fact nobody does. HTTPS increases the credibility of the website.On the other hand, website insecurity can adversely impact sales too. Almost all e commerce websites have payment gateways to serve through the payment process. So, what if the channel is not secure? It apparently breaks the trust of the user thereby forcing the user go off the site and go to some potential websites with much more secured line. HTTPS websites load much faster than http websites. What about the rankings? Here too HTTPS has an upper hand over HTTP Websites. Clearly HTTPS is the undisputed winner.

AMP : There has been a drastic change in the behavior of searches made in the recent past. Statistics shows that now a days more and more number of people are preferring mobile devices and tablets to make their searches online or anything they want to book online, purchase products or services, rather than bulky systems which are too difficult to carry from one point to another.  Everything has gone mobile, thanks to the internet accessibility. But what if the mobile versions are slow and not user friendly. Here comes a technology by Google that promotes speed and easy to use. Accelerated Mobile Pages known as AMP is a framework to build pages for mobile which is super fast, and mobile friendly. Loading Time serves as one of the most important factor in SERP Ranking. So what is the waiting time of any user for any page to load, five seconds or six seconds, NO, nobody is going to wait for more than fours seconds to load a particular page. Therefore the faster your web page loads, the better the rankings are and better the conversions and engagement are. Slower Loading of the website can lead  to a higher bounce rate. For this reason AMP still can be considered as one of the ranking factor. Plugins are available in WordPress like Accelerated Mobile Pages which is easy to install, just a few clicks and settings and there you go. Try it, you will never regret using it.

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Top On Page Techniques You Should Know

Meta Title Tag : Meta Title is by far the most important factor in helping understand Search Engine what the page is all about. These are read by Search Engine bots and has an immense role in giving the ranks. Normally the number of characters should precisely be within 60-70 characters but in recent times Google has changed it’s algorithm stating that characters are no longer taken as a factor rather than it depends upon the screen resolution.

Steps to write a good title :

Use Targeted Keywords, Add Modifiers to your website title like | , Every page should have a unique title, no repeat of keywords, try to embed long tailed keywords

Meta Description Tag : Meta Description describes the page in a more detailed way using 160-180 characters but again it also depends upon the screen resolution. Search Engines show the meta description in search results below the title tag.

Steps to write a good description :

Add targeted keywords in the description, Write CTA to the description that helps the search engine to make the user know what to do, avoid duplicate meta description.

H1 Optimization :  H1 Tags quite arguably has become a good factor in rankings in recent times. Even we have seen working on some websites with modifying the H1 has boosted the rankings. It may not be the strongest factor but yes, it holds some importance, because the search engine can tell more specifically to the users about the content and type of website.

Alt Attribute:  Search Engines cannot read the images, so you need to add proper Alt text to the images so the search engine can consider them.Some more steps we can follow to implement while working on images.

All images should have information filename, better to have an image sitemap, tags need to be short and clear.

Internal Links : How important is the Internal linking to any website? Yes it definitely is. Internal Linking is a way to link from one page to the other in the same domain. So what basically it does. It allows the search engines to know that the websites do have a number of pages one directed to another clearly giving a good signal for the navigation for the users. It can give the Search Engine a proper hierarchy and an idea of the website how the URL architecture has been built.

Robots.txt : Robots.txt is a technique which is used by most of the webmasters that help them to allow and disallow any page from indexing or to appear in search results. The codes are basically a HTML tag that provides the web crawler or the bot whether to index a page or not.

URL Architecture : So, how good your URL Architecture is? Are you having underscores in the URL? It’s not encourage able at all. To drive better rankings, URL architecture should be very clear and no special characters or underscores should be used. The bots will have a hard time determining this URL relevance to any keyword in the website.

XML Sitemap : XML Sitemap gives a clear list of links of a site that are available for indexing essentially helping both the search engines and visitors to know how many pages are there in the website. This is a special XML file especially made for the search engines to make them easier to find out the site’s pages. It can improve your SEO by navigating the visitors to where they want to go . An XML sitemap is very useful for large websites because at times these websites can take a very long time for crawling, so sitemap makes it easy for crawling.

Broken Links : Any kind of broken links can hurt your SEO. What these broken links do, they direct your visitors to a page which actually doesn’t exist.  That sounds awkward, Isn’t It? It more or less acts as a dead link on a web page that no longer works. In that case the website returns a 404 error page.

Schema: Schema is a list of codes that is put on the website to help Search engines return some more informative results for users. Schema.org markup can be added to a page using many different encodings, including RDFa, Microdata and JSON-LD. Adding Schema markup to the website  improves the way your page displays in SERPs. The additional information in the schema can include event, organization, person, place, product. Websites that have a structured data can have a better click rate too.

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Top 10 Tips to boost your Web Page Speed

Use CDN : Worried about the Loading Time? Then use CDN. This particular technology is of the most trending one in the field of Hosting. Gone are the days when people used to rely on Shared Hosting (Linux and Windows) where websites tend to use the same resources on the same server leading to heavy load on the servers eventually leading to a slow website. Using a CDN can largely impact the loading time of the website. So, what actually is a CDN, What Does It Do? CDN stands for Content Delivery Network CDN is a network of servers that are geographically distributed all around the globe to provide fast delivery of website content. So what’s the BIG DEAL? The advantage with it is that once the web files are stored in a server and when users load the web page from different niche, they receive these files from a server that is geographically the closest to them. It doesn’t have to render the content from the same server again and again that can increase the load. That can drastically reduce the loading time. Isn’t it beautiful.

Advantages : Faster Delivery of Content, Safe and Secure, Improved Up time, No Geographic barriers, High Performance and reduced Bandwidth cost.

Improved Server Hosting Performance : What is your TTFB (Time to First Byte). This is the biggest issue that most of the websites go through. If you don’t have a hosting with a better TTFB, then you might land up frustrated with a very low Page Speed. It is just because of the TTFB, it is highly recommended to go for reliable Hosting with a little burden of of resources being used from the server. It’s pretty obvious with a larger number of websites using the same resources can at times lower your page speed. This is where Dedicated Hosting comes into play. But this is too quite expensive which small businesses can’t afford. So, the server response time is the most important factor in the page speed of a website.

If WordPress, the best theme which should be preferred : Themes, plugins, and server specifications all contribute to server response time. So it is highly recommended to use themes that are optimized at highest level. Today, almost all the themes are optimized for SEO, Mobile View but when it comes to considering the loading time, we should think of a more capable optimized theme. At the same time, we must think of upgrading the server as well.

Page Size : Page Size is what determines the loading time of a website. Of course from the word itself, the size of the web page is what matters in getting a good back end performance score. Page Size refers to the files that are used for building or designing the website. It can be images, scripts, CCS, HTML Files, Fonts. These things adversely affects the page speed. The most conventional size for any good web page should be within 1.5 MB -2 MB. And once, it breaches the line, of course the loading time can be hampered.

Number of HTTP Requests : The more the number of requests to load in the server, the more will be the waiting time. So for a faster load, we have to keep our counts low and transfer sizes small. Decreasing the number of elements or files on a page reduces the number of HTTP requests required to render the page as a result of which the page loads fast. There are several techniques by which we can minimize the number of requests like combining the files, merging a multiple number of scripts to one, using CSS sprites and image maps, etc.

Defer Parsing of Javascript : Java scripts can at times slow down your website. So, what happens if we defer the loading. By doing that your site will tell visitors’ browsers to wait to download and/or parse JavaScript until after your site’s main content has already finished loading. There are different methods used to achieve this. One is the Async while the other is Defer. In WordPress there are multiple methods like using using plugins like Async, Autoptimize, WPRocket, etc. We can also change things by editing core files like functions.php. It will automatically tell to defer scripts.

Image Optimization : How optimized is my website, That’s the first question comes to our mind if we have a website. One of the significant factor that affects the loading time is the Images used in the website. To make a website look good, every developer or a designer uses tons of images, but how far we have optimized them. This is where most of the novice designers do the wrong. Simply using the images in the website to look good doesn’t meet our cause. In fact this can affect the loading time and increase the bounce rate as well. Nobody likes a slow website. To make it fast we have to optimize the images, reduce the size of the images to the maximum level, scale it to the size wherever required. Plugins like Smush, can help in WordPress.

Leverage Browser Caching : Every time a page is serviced, all the files within the page tend to load until every files are loaded before it is rendered to the user. So what if the the site is huge. Is it really necessary that the user has to load the files every time he visits the same page. NO!!! Browser caching can help by storing some of these files locally in the user’s browser. The first visit can take a bit of time to load and once it gets loaded , the next time the user visits the page, it will not be the same time again. This time the files are already stored in the cache, that makes the web page load more fast. This is done by using some plugins if it is wordpress or it has certain codes to be embedded if it is other than wordpress. Codes are modified in .htaccess file which is normally a hidden file. Plugins like Far Future Expiry Plugin can of real help here. The main reason why browser caching is important is because it reduces the load on your web server, and gives faster content to the users reducing the bounce rate.

Enable Gzip Compression:  At times what happens is the files that we use like images, HTML, JS, CSS, enormously becomes huge. So for that server too has a good provision to make things compressed without affecting the design and files internally.  This is GZIp Compression. It reduces the the page size by almost 70%, thereby increasing the page speed. There are different methods of setting up gzip compression depending on the servers you are using.  Compressing files can really boost your loading time.This is what it does.

Minify CSS , JS Files and HTML files: Just like Gzip Compression, it is very important to make sure we don’t use lot of scripts and files. If ever we use it then we should have some limitations. But there is a good thing with these scripts that , they can be compressed as well and we call them minifying the files. It can also affect your loading time as it has to modify a large number of codes and compress into one lowering the file size.

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Social Media Optimization – A Dynamic Tool to engage for a successful business


When it comes to nurture a website to a wider reach, Social Media comes really handy and quite apparently today it is one of the most effective tool that will help you get that kind of traffic that you always wanted. In other words it’s a perfect key to market your brand. But the real question lies in  ”Is SMO Free ”  or if it is done how can we make the most out of it. And the answer will always be a tricky one. Because when it comes to build a brand or get the marketing at your own terms, generating awareness is a perfect solution to it. This includes the use of social media sites, video sites as well as RSS feed, bookmarking sites and blogging sites for driving traffic to the website and improving the site’s organic search results. One can’t deny the impact of Social Media when it comes to extending the reach of a brand. It can entirely transform a mediocre into a full fledged brand thus ensuring a label to go global, increase brand prominence among marketers and help reach customers worldwide.  It acts a perfect stimulus and provides an arena not only to reach to our niche audience but also customers worldwide. Today over 70% of internet users are mobile and tablet users and that has helped customers get the chance to reach out to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Social connectivity through Face Book has come a long way in helping a business grow from the crèche to the crest helping a website to create an exclusive space in World Wide Web. A business entirely depends upon a strategical approach and word of mouth. And blogging, following on Twitter, posting on Google Plus Page, creating a strong profile, connecting through Linked In, Video Sharing are some of the aggressive techniques implemented by the business owners and marketers now a days.

To get the most out of the Social Media one has to always remember about the content and the audience. Because a genuine, relevant and a shareable content will always help to gain unique visitors and help while launching products and services. Whether it’s a small business or a highly established one, Social Media has the same impact in drawing attention and build a reputation in this result driven world.

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Google Updates:Change the way of Search

These Google Updates not only changes the scenario of the rankings but also has a direct impact on the trend and strategies the Webmasters implement in order to get better Search Results in SERP’s. Allowing  the indexing of the pages by Google, avoiding the no index  robot meta tag, using relative URL, unique Link Building are some of the effective tactics to cope with the Algorithmic Changes of Google. SEO has evolved drastically over past few years, thanks to the Google Updates. Pages should be optimized to cater the needs of the mobile users as maximum traffic today comes from the Mobile, Tablets and other portable devices. With Mobile Compatibility getting more and more trending, we can also experience better conversion rate and user experience.

It has been said that Content is the king, and Google with every update has proved it time and again. Good and quality Content has always played a major role in Google Rankings. Google always gives thumbs up to real and genuine content where one has to also remember that we have to work in a more tactical way such that Google’s New Algorithm interprets the way we search.

Technology keeps on changing, so is the trend. So a perfect blueprint always needs to be frame worked in order to compete with the algorithmic programs made by the Search Engines. Doing the same old conventional SEO will not help the cause.  With every algorithm update, Google is getting smarter at tackling all the tricks that some webmasters implement for better ranking. The unethical tactics used by Web masters will no longer work in their favor with the upcoming updates. In fact, they might end up punished for implementing such tricks and fall in the rankings. So it is always advisable to get on with the important changes and updates brought in by Google.

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Email Marketing : A priority in Business


It is a perfect tool to communicate with people thereby helping build a stronger customer relationship. Apart from reaching to a wider mass, it also helps to build a brand and help strengthen brand recognition with new and potential clients. Email Marketers can forward brilliant deals and offers to their clients at the click of a button. Due to its immediacy impact, results are often fast as compared to business which typically has to wait for weeks until it sees a sale. Email doesn’t die, it needs to be killed. Email sits there inside your subscriber’s inbox waiting to be acknowledged, even if it’s just to delete it, it requires of an action to end its life.

The beauty of Email Marketing lies in its behavior where most of the emails are promotional. Coupons and Discounts are of common use when it comes to Email Marketing. Perceived differently perhaps due to its privacy or simply because we’ve grown used to receiving promotional items in the mix with other types. It has the ability to send one piece of information to thousands of out there on the web, which is quite apparently not possible in other modes of marketing. At times it being objectionable for some people yet it proves to be one of the herculean tools in generating business from its outset. In fact the Hit Ratio will always be higher as compared to other conventional methods of marketing, which perhaps is the best bet for a business growth. A great deal of proposal gets turned out but what if one clicks out of fifty. Isn’t it an apt way to reach a larger mass to enhance business? And Subscribing through emails in today’s market is one of the proven marketing channel  to ensure that the audience gets your message.

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